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pack me up
when your craving a lip and dont have a tin
Kyle: yo trev pmu
Trev: i wana see a fucking horseshoe
by krob993 January 09, 2011
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acronym for "pick me up".

used when you're really lazy to drive, but still have a desire to go somewhere, if and only if someone picks your lazy ass up to go.
Andrew: Let's go to Lolitas. They have the best Mexican food in San Diego.
Dieu: I'm lazy. PMU!
Andrew: Aiight. Be there in 10.
by dieulovesyounot May 31, 2010
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This One is For My Black People Cause We The Main Ones Saying In It Mean “Put Me Up” Like On A Situation Etc...
Tiara: This Bitch Just Tried Me

Mara: Girrlll Pmu !!!
by FinerThanWinee December 10, 2017
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Power Management Unit (an integrated circuit on Apple Macintosh computers that controls sleeping, waking from sleep, hard drive spin down, and other power-related features)
This problem occurs because the PMU can only store one pair of scheduled rules, one for shutdown/sleep and one for startup.
by Climatic4 March 11, 2009
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