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A beautiful and unique girl with the heart of gold. She is wierd and crazy she will love you at rough times. She has is sensitive in ways. She has great friends and tends to fall very easily whether your a friend or not she doesnt like her emotions played with. Shes amazing and wants to be everyones friend.
Did you see Kayra at the party last week
by Baby cutie June 03, 2017
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An absolute dick that kiss and tells, but often tells more than kisses. He is one to have morals, just different morals than the normal hunan being (I. E. No issue with lying and the belief that every man has had a rape fantasy. ) A Kayra is often hard-headed and will do anything to spark debate and win, often striving to be the centre of attention. If you befriend a Kayra, he will stick around, but be careful what you trust.
1. I heard that you and Kayra fucked last night!
2. That’s not true. Let me show you these texts
1. Wow, what an Asshat
by Ew it’s that guy July 18, 2018
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