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A person infused with great power. A Katti is generally characterized by great mystical or underworld type of power. A Katti also stands for a person who lives among others with honor and honesty a trait rarely found during current times. A Katti would always improve and condition their inner self.
As with the phrase “mother nature”, the same can be applied here. “Don't mess with mother nature.”, “Don't mess with Katti (or Katties if alts are applied)”.”Bless mother nature and all that she holds” “Bless Katti and all that she holds and stands for.” To have one's goals set to reach a level of Katti would accomplish much in life. True beauty lies at reaching within ones self, the level of Katti.
by Chietta September 29, 2009
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an extremely hot girl with amazing ass and boobs. Katti's are great in bed and are basically perfect
"Dude, look at Katti!"
by Katti Grinnell May 18, 2008
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something that desi friends say to each other when they get mad
katti wit' joo, yaar..

why is she katti with me, man? What did I do? LOL, LOL, LOL..
by cygnusfyre August 23, 2005
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