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A person whom instantly shuts down any party or the attempt thereof. A true Katten may also strictly oppose, prevent, or shut down any other fun activity.
Bjarne: Are you up for a party tonight?
Espen Reidar: Sure, as long as Katten doesn't show up and ruin the party.

Bjarne: This party is the greatest.
Espen Reidar: Wtf, Katten just arrived and killed our party.
by Notakatten August 31, 2016
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A lovely girl who has dark hair, beautiful dark eyes, and has an amazing personality. She has talent in both instruments like the flute and is good at basketball. Doesn't like to be brought down with bad comments about her because she is very emotional. Katten is usually a shy girl but once you get to know her, she is actually an amazing person.
Friend: "Hey did you see how Katten hit that note on the flute with perfection?"
by Tronzon January 21, 2018
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A cat that is fully grown and still looks like a Kitten.
"dude look at that Katten its like six and still looks like a kitten!
by kate neeley March 10, 2008
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"Woah Look At the Size Of That Katten!"
".. Dont you Mean Kitten?"
"No. Katten..."
by No-one Really March 08, 2009
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Katten is a great freind. She is kind and can sometimes be shy. She is a great girlfriend and so kind and sweet to everyone. She hates to be hated on and hate people that are rude. She will always be kind and sweet. If you ever meet her then you'll always want to be with her.
Katten is a great girlfriend
by Katten's bf January 28, 2018
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