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The best woman a man could ask for, but never expected. She is totally driven at whatever she does, and has Christ in the center of it. She loves her man even though her man might be a jerk sometimes.
Katie Jo does everything right.
by lover of a beauty January 24, 2011
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Tessa: not to much! hbu?
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Usually a massive slag can’t help herself to a shag drops her trousers to every lad she sees shagged Ben crich her best friends cousin 3 times in a tunnel what a slut
Ew there’s a Katie jo what a thot
by Jess Smith October 25, 2018
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Katie Jo is typically from a small town where her name is widely known. Unfortunately, all of her bad traits are what she is known for. She was born a spoiled brat and will always be that way. Most Katie Jo's are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and just dont know any better.
Known to be absoultely LOUSY in bed and lacking in most of life's common skills (ie housekeeping, cooking, etc). Katie Jo's are hypocritical and self rightous.
Katie Jo is so popular in this little town!
by AliyaAndrea January 15, 2013
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Katie Jo is a pretty flipping sweet indivdual. You can spot her by her intense quirkiness. Also, look for varying hair colors as this individual is quite the chameleon.
"Katie Jo surely was intense today. Holla."
by Miss Katie Jo January 25, 2007
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A beautiful, sexy, skinny and sweet girl always with a kind heart to her friends but to anyone who’s not could get a rough time with her devilish looks and walk. She has lots of talents with singing, swimming, drawing and more. She always tries her best at everything she does. All the boys fall for her or think about her as a girlfriend with her beauty and kindness. She can also be a Yandere and a Tsundere. Who ever she loves is a lucky man and should feel lucky too. She will make you feel happy and take any risk for you. She’s a devil and an angel, the voice of an angel but the attitude of a devil. You will have a great time with her!
Woah...there katie jo, so beautiful,”
“I wish she was mine!”
by Zack / danstrom October 30, 2018
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