Kaster is a person who is loyal to his friends

And wants to try to be friends with everyone
He sometimes helps people with their
Problems and is respectful to others.
Guy#1:Oh damn she got knocked out Kaster can
You help us carry her inside

Kaster:Yeah if its for somebody knocked out I'll help
by Blueboy4619 August 06, 2018
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A person who tries to be a buket in xp.
Wow that kaster has been trying to get more xp than a buket for years.
by Runskip May 11, 2008
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A town or region that is inhabited by moronic people and/or criminals. It is a common rule to say: "Fuck Kaster" whenever it is mentioned.
*"Hey, isn't that nearby Kaster?"

- "Fuck kaster!"
by Swofford May 25, 2018
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Process of belittling people and squeeze water on a person who knows the future
Me: Alex just squeezed water on my pants!
You: Oh snap! You just got kasterized!
Me: I know dude! Kasterization sucks
by Leonardo Leonardo January 22, 2013
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