Kashmira is a sweet, beautiful, and adventurous girl who isn't scared to do anything and loves her friends and family members. She can usually get overwhelmed and anxious if there are a lot of things on her mind, but at the end, she turns out as a responsible, intelligent girl who knows what's right and what's wrong. Apart from her outstanding personality, Kashmira is way too gorgeous, and it's all natural beauty. She doesn't ever fake her personality and isn't afraid to be herself.
"That new girl is so stunning! And her personality... Who is she?"

"Well, that's Kashmira, and I agree that she is utterly amazing!"
by blue heart March 13, 2019
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The coolest female you will ever meet. She is hilarious, dope AF and cooler than yo mamma. Anyone who meets her will automatically enjoy her company because she is that cool. If you know a Kashmira, never let her go even if you know her through a friend. She will change your life because that's what Kashmira's do. Don't regret.

She is funny, outgoing, crazy, hilarious, pretty and confident.
She is better than ANY CHAD ever created.
She makes Chad's sad because they wish they could be like her.
Do not compare a Kashmira to a Chad, she will always win.
Kashmira is better. Remember that!
Wow is that a Chad ? No its a Kashmira !
by That girl Heather November 22, 2021
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As her name suggests her parents named her after her birth place kashmir, a place that is the epitome of beauty, its heaven on earth. Kashmira is extremely gorgeous and beautiful. Boys are swooned by her mysterious personality.
guy1- wow look at that girl, I haven't seen anyone like her
guy2- she must be a kashmira
by savyaunt August 13, 2017
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