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Kashmira is a sweet, beautiful, and adventurous girl who isn't scared to do anything and loves her friends and family members. She can usually get overwhelmed and anxious if there are a lot of things on her mind, but at the end, she turns out as a responsible, intelligent girl who knows what's right and what's wrong. Apart from her outstanding personality, Kashmira is way too gorgeous, and it's all natural beauty. She doesn't ever fake her personality and isn't afraid to be herself.
"That new girl is so stunning! And her personality... Who is she?"

"Well, that's Kashmira, and I agree that she is utterly amazing!"
by blue heart March 13, 2019
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Chloana is one of those girls who pretends to be someone who she really isn't to seem more popular, pretty, and likable. She looks like a complete Barbie because of all of that heavy makeup and extension hair, but truly, underneath all of the fakeness, Chloana is a naturally beautiful and talented girl who should be happy to be who she really is and stop faking everything.
"Oh my gosh, that new girl is such a Chloana! Like look at her face, it's literally covered in concealer forehead to chin!"
"I know! But I saw her after gym the other day in the changing room, and she's so pretty without any makeup, just the way she naturally is!"
by blue heart January 24, 2019
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The girl who is good looking and people expect her to have a beautiful name, but coming to think of it... Have you ever though that Passie is a great name?
That new girl in my class is a total Passie! Like, look at her gorgeous hair, but her name STINKS!
by blue heart January 11, 2018
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Wilia is a pretty girl who may not be the center of attention, but is still very fabulous. The friends you already have trust you and think of you as an ethical being, and you would never betray your loved ones. Wilia is also not afraid to try new things.
Whoa! That girl is so brave and pretty! What a Wilia!
by blue heart April 15, 2018
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