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(n) 1. He who sings about shaving his pubes and busting nuts also is he who goes by the name of Karsh.
2. Synonym for 'Big Daddy'.

(v) The process of accusing one of hot carl, homosexual and various other sexual fetishes.
A man named Karsh once accused the Harlem Globetrotter's of taking a team shit on my girlfriend.
by Void April 10, 2005
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To Karsh ones self is too make the dirtiest uncontrollable shit and/or any biological substance that can come out of the anus, in the underwear of set person
David Scott Karshed himseld so bad, it blew a whole in his underwear.
by Youguessedit! March 04, 2008
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There isn't enough beer in the universe for this man. He will consume ever fiber of every alcoholic beverage out there, esp. beer. He also enjoys fucking his ex. girl friends.

Also see: 2:Karsh: A karsh is someone who shaves his/her pubes and then sings about it.
Once when I was about to have sex with this hot bitch, I had to bust a karsh.
by Atlas/Kasey December 14, 2004
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