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Karishma is a brave girl who will stand up for her friends and win every fright. She is honest and so funny. Karishma is also Hindi for miracle. She knows what a real friend is and she is one and is a great writer and when she finds her passion no matter who tells her she’s bad at it, she’ll keep pursuing it. She loves giving nick names to people and her family loves her and she loves them back. She believes in God and in her word and she is very kind and if you have the chance to meet her never loose her. Don’t fight her or she will come after you and win. She’s also a bit boy crazy and Insecure but doesn’t show it. She cares about people’s feelings and is very pretty and cute. She’s smart, cool, loves to talk and make new friends too.
Karishma: (Talks to lonely girl) Hi I’m Karishma what’s your name?
Lonely Girl: (She thinks: Wow a girl is actually taking to me!? This is amazing)

Boy 1: Wow I like her she’s so nice and pretty

Boy 2: She’s in my Math class she’s smart and she’s reallt cool and funny.
by Stephanie Keeps you calm December 24, 2018
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a miracle or the magic of a miracle
someone saved from an inevitable doom the saying in hindi would be "karishma hogayi" which translates into a miracle happened
by Nadeera March 10, 2009
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A gorgeous model who's origins are on the sub-continent of India.

also see Sindhi Crawford
Dude, that girl is a Karishma for 3 reasons:

1) She's hot
2) She's diva
3) Gay men flock to her
by The World October 03, 2004
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Karishma is a sweet, smart,and beautiful girl who has big dreams and hopes and will do anything to make her dreams come true. She is typically the middle child and loves to be with her siblings. She’s always happy and loves to go shopping.
Girl One: “Look at how smart she is!”

Girl Two: “I know, she got a 100 on the math test!”

Girl One: “She is such a Karishma!”
by just the facts! March 19, 2019
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