A middle aged white woman who drives her kids to sports games in an SUV, one wrong call from the ref and she’ll have them sued, and has a bob cut. Absolutely LOVES talking to the manager about not getting a sauce packet.
by Karenyourmum April 24, 2020
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Someone who always wishes to speak to the manager, has a 'Soccer Mom Haircut', will not vaccinate and always gains custody of children. Might be a lesbian.
Jake: Steve, Karen took the kids.. Now I won't be able to sneak the 6-month-old out to get vaccinations.. I'm so worried he's going to die of measles.
Steve: Damn, that sucks man, I hope things get better--
Karen: (Kicks in door) Have ANY of you MOTHERFUCKERS heard of ESSENTIAL OILS??
by That-Lonely-Cunt February 18, 2019
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A crazy middle aged white lady that loves to get into people’s business and cause a problem. Hates skateboarders and will record you if you record her.
“ this lady was yelling at me for making a tiktok. She is such a karen.”
by The brolyna December 2, 2020
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The queen of all suburban white moms. Will always want to speak to the manager. She thinks her kids are better than you and is low key homophobic. Has a parenting blog and Facebook lives her kids gymnastics tournament. Will block you on Facebook if she is treated wrong. Thinks vaccines created autism.
Karen: Did you just tell my kid to stop running through this store? I want to speak to the manager!
Me: Fool, I am the manager.

Karen: Did you just call me a boomer? I WILL block you on Facebook.
Me: I- We’re not even friends on Facebook... I don’t even have Facebook
by BigGlitterOtamatone December 23, 2019
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Any person who over-reacts when something doesn't go their way.
Karen: I would like to return this.

Store Clerk: Okay, Do you have a receipt?
Karen: No and I shouldn't need one. Where is your manager? Let me speak to him now!
Store Clerk: Oh don't be such a Karen
by jeaoux June 15, 2020
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The demon of any store that the employees fear.... this dangerous creature lurks in the lairs of unvaccinated children homes and her number one goal is to talk to your manager. You would know if this woman is a Karen is by their hair, they usually wear a bob and is typically blonde. Just hope that the Karen’s will not enter your store today. For it is a sight even demons fear?
Employee: hey how can I help you?
Karen: I will speak to your manager.
by Girls-on-film•=• April 13, 2020
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a name that people use as a meme, used to describe as soccer mom, wants to talk to your manager, in mid 20s, bowl hair cut and blonde.
''Person: I'm sorry ma'am, but we can't do that.''
by WhatsAPsuedonym? November 25, 2019
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