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Preteen– or teenage girls obviously experimenting with there image – The Kappa Slappa “Look” consist of trainers – Kappa tracksuit bottoms – an Elise jumper. This is generously accessorises with cheap looking jewellery – most of which is purchased at Elizabeth Duke of Argos. Hair is worn up in (see Corydon Facelift) – and makeup is plastered on to hide any spots blemished and love bites.

Kappa Slappa’s are usually found in groups of 3 or more – although one will occasionally break from the pack. This type of behaviour usually occurs when the Slappa in question is attracted to a male of the same species (see Tezzer). This liaison will, in the least, result her being “fingered” behind the local nightclub – however the usual outcome is pregnancy – and alas further drain on the UK’s benefit system.
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Lad A: Word round school is that Tracy will suck you off for fifty pence!
Lad B: Which one is Tracy again?
Lad A: You know the Kappa Slappa two years below us!
by Andy The Great July 22, 2003
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A Kappa Slappa (or female chav) can often be found around town centers. are attracted to shiny gold rings and necklaces, earrings that rest on their shoulders,fake berberry scarfs, trackies, fake pink burberry schoolbags (if they bother to attend school that is) and "sport" brand clothing. usually loses virginity at 12 and has had 20 sexual parteners by the time they are 14. their growth is usually stunted by chain-smoking that started at the age of 10 and the addiction to crack they obtained at the age of 15.
9:00 kappa slappa says to chav 1: do you wanna shag?
chav 1: yea.
11:00 kappa slappa says to chav 2: do you wanna shag?
chav 2: yea
(repeat every two hours)
by {ben} April 30, 2005
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The act of pulling down your pants and whipping your penis side to side, so that it can slap your thighs and make a loud clapping noise, the faster and harder the better
WOMAN: "Hey jeff do the kappa slappa for me"
JEFF: "OK, let me take off my pants"
by BIG LV July 19, 2006
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Kappa-Slappa is a female townie/chav. They have long hair tied back extremely tight and have at least three piercings in each ear. They also wear soverign rings, one for each finger which are accompanied by smaller rings. Trademark jewellery is the hideous clown pendent worn around the neck.
Clothing is sportswear like male chavs and they wear heavy make-up. They will have tatoos and most will either be pregnant or would have already had a baby. Every single one is sexually active and have a thing for violent hooligans who deal drugs and steal cars.
Common in town centres and dodgy streets and are often seen with their male counterparts drinking cider and smoking weed. Most are aged between 12-19 and most younger ones (12-15) date men in their late twenties who are in the Army.
Prime enemy is the Gothic/Greb girl who wears all black. Despite wearing too much jewellery and make-up some Kappa-Slappas can be attractive compared to Gothic/Greb girls however most Kappa-Slappas cannot pronounce words very well and swear so that is the big put off plus when it comes to relationships they are hard to trust and will cheat on anyone they date but this is usually done t the same time as their boyfriend is cheating on them.
"Shut it oor i get me boyfriend who'll f***** smak ya in da face"
"I hate that b**** am gonna smak ha coz she keeps starin at my lad"
"Look at dat mingin goff b**** am gonna smak ha"
by Adam Clarke August 09, 2004
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