A fart that you let go in the shower, just before you get out, and which makes you feel gross and dirty again, as if you hadn't had a shower at all.
He: A horrible thing happened to me this morning: just as I was getting out of the shower, I let a fart that swirled around the shower stall and made me feel filthy -- as if I hadn't had a shower and needed to shower again.
Friend: I know what you mean, you poor guy: you let a kanye west.
by ring-tailed roarer October 10, 2009
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A rapper who has an ego blowing out his ass like no other, he thinks that white people are the devil, and belevies that he belongs in the bible and acts like the messiah
Kanye West: "I am the greatest performer of all time and the reincarnation of Jesus, also I'm the gayest of the gay fish"
by DJCotton July 21, 2009
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1. Racist, as exemplified by, well, everything he does.

2. Jackass, as exemlifed by his crude interrupting of Taylor Swft's very first VMA award.

3. Talentless, as exempified by his TERRIBLE live performances.

4. Arrogant, as exemplified by his proclamation that his first single was "history in the making", when it was really just crap, and his announcement that he was the new King of Pop. Someone needs to remind him that in order to be the King of Pop, you have to do something to deserve it first. And actually sing pop music. And invent the moonwalk.
Yo, Kanye West, Imma let you finish, but Michael Jackson is the King of Pop for all time! ALL TIME! AND, Taylor's video was BETTER than Beyonce's so STICK THAT IN YOUR JUICEBOX AND SUCK IT, homie! Peace!
by I Hate Douchebags January 02, 2010
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