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A Kandace is stunning and sweet; full of kindness! A great sister and friend! But you don't want to mess with her because she'll take out you and your family. She is stubborn, but that can be a likeable quality about her. She is charismatic. She is good with the boys and gets lots of them, but most of them aren't worth her attention, you'll be sure to love a Kandace! :D
1."Oh shit, did you piss off a Kandace!? You better not fall asleep tonight!"

2."We only talked for 5 seconds, but I'm in love."..."Dude, it must have been a Kandace."
by elange February 23, 2010
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the most beautiful girl in the world. she makes you want to hug her for the rest of time and then some. she has the most beautiful laugh and the most radiant smile in history. marry her right away because a kandace is almost always out of your league but is too loving to notice it.
kandace is my amazing girlfriend!
by t trusty June 25, 2011
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a sweet,funny,amazing,and loving girl that always brings a smile to your face when you talk to her she is the best type of girl to find and is always there for you when you need her so shes absolutley the best type of girl to ever have
by shawn s May 24, 2008
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Kandaces are amazing! they're very fun to be around, bubbly, beautiful, kind, honest, and very sweet. Every one needs a Kandace as a best friend.
you know Kandace?

Yeah! shes great!
by kandaces best fren July 13, 2017
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An indepedent, strong, gay Asian female that loves her kush and dome. Kandace predominately likes white problematic girls. Kandace is a very outgoing and carefree type of person, but also has some deep thoughts and insecurities. Kandace is well diveresed in her music selection and friend group. You can find Kandace talking to all types of people. Kandace tends to randomly burst out into a song or make strange noises. Kandace is a great friend to have, she’s loyal, caring, and a fun all-around person. She also likes country things such as : jeeps, trucks, Luke Bryan, muddin’, cammo, and Guy Harvey.
Kandace, turn down that country music!
Remember to use a condom, Kandace. Gays need protection too!
by drunkapodyopsis November 08, 2017
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