a horse of horseless cavalry captain Kaeya meant to be released in genshin version 2.6 as an expansion of Kaeyas kit making him a 6-star character. Sadly, it was later confirmed that Ayato is indeed not a horse and Kaeya's support but a new hydro sword-wielding 5-star male character. This news were disappointing to many players although after revealing his design a lot of players were no longer disappointed, rather started being horny the moment they saw him cause he is so fucking hot
person 1: have you heard that Ayato is indeed not a horse? I'm so disappointed.
person 2: It's a shame but have you seen his design? I've never cummed so hard in my life. *shows a picture of Kamisato Ayato*
person 1: *bursts a nut*
by naku weed enjoyer March 17, 2022
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Kamisato Ayaka's elder brother. He is extremely pretty. I personally love his design, some do not, but I do. I'm sure a lot of people agree with me.... right?

Anyway I hope all who want him get him on his banner! <3
Someone: Hey its that pretty blue haired guy from Inazuma
Me: Yes Kamisato Ayato is very pretty indeed
by Kazuhamylove February 10, 2022
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Kamisato Ayato is a newly revealed character from the game Genshin Impact, and the current Yashiro Commissioner, and is speculated to be realeased in patch 2.6.
"Kamisato Ayato is the current clan head of the Kamisato clan."
by campanula rotundifolia February 8, 2022
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Kamisato Ayato is a character from the chinese game "Genshin Impact" by company Hoyoverse/MiHoyo, He is a 5-star male character which uses a sword and the element of Hydro/Water and he is very pretty.

He was released on 2.6 and his banner's name is "Azure Excursion" He is also the brother of Kamisato Ayaka, a female cryo 5-star sword wielding character and he is the head of the Kamisato Clan aswell as the Yashiro Comissioner

He is very hot and pretty and beautiful and majestic and angelic and elegant and sexy and heavenly and amazing and cute and beautiful and spectacular and polite and good-looking and attractive

also he's gay for his housekeeper named Thoma

Me : I'm currently saving primogems for Kamisato Ayato in 3.3 update!

My low amount of primogems : Are you sure about that?

Me : He's so hot tho...
by Wilbur'sCumSock December 8, 2022
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He is a guy from genshin impact. He is faceless, yet people ADORE him and he has been trending on twitter FIVE times. Ayato supremacy
Person 1": Hey you know that one faceless guy from genshin?
Person 2: "You mean Kamisato ayato?"
by meloqn December 14, 2021
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