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A charming british streamer, With a charming voice, His personality can be adorable and... seductive at times, But us simps absolutely love him, He has a handsome, Cute face with dark brown hairs and curls, He plays a role in the minecraft roleplay server "The dream smp" Anyone who's not crazy will fall for him, He's perfect! If someone says they don't like him, They're lying, He's a great, Handsome, Charming and a perfect man!
Oh ya know wilbur soot? I'm such a simp for him!
by Wilbur'sCumSock April 18, 2021
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Kamisato Ayato is a character from the chinese game "Genshin Impact" by company Hoyoverse/MiHoyo, He is a 5-star male character which uses a sword and the element of Hydro/Water and he is very pretty.

He was released on 2.6 and his banner's name is "Azure Excursion" He is also the brother of Kamisato Ayaka, a female cryo 5-star sword wielding character and he is the head of the Kamisato Clan aswell as the Yashiro Comissioner

He is very hot and pretty and beautiful and majestic and angelic and elegant and sexy and heavenly and amazing and cute and beautiful and spectacular and polite and good-looking and attractive

also he's gay for his housekeeper named Thoma

Me : I'm currently saving primogems for Kamisato Ayato in 3.3 update!

My low amount of primogems : Are you sure about that?

Me : He's so hot tho...
by Wilbur'sCumSock December 8, 2022
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