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a horse of horseless cavalry captain Kaeya meant to be released in genshin version 2.6 as an expansion of Kaeyas kit making him a 6-star character. Sadly, it was later confirmed that Ayato is indeed not a horse and Kaeya's support but a new hydro sword-wielding 5-star male character. This news were disappointing to many players although after revealing his design a lot of players were no longer disappointed, rather started being horny the moment they saw him cause he is so fucking hot
person 1: have you heard that Ayato is indeed not a horse? I'm so disappointed.
person 2: It's a shame but have you seen his design? I've never cummed so hard in my life. *shows a picture of Kamisato Ayato*
person 1: *bursts a nut*
by naku weed enjoyer March 17, 2022
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