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Thomato is a ship name in Genshin Impact between Thoma and Kamisato Ayato. If u ship this, ur automaclly cool and ily. Thomato nation rise.
Person: "I ship Thomato"
by meloqn December 14, 2021
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Person A: "Hey what national day is it on august 15?
Person B: "It's national short people day!"
Person A: "Why?"
Person B: ...you wouldn't get it.
by meloqn April 28, 2022
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He is a guy from genshin impact. He is faceless, yet people ADORE him and he has been trending on twitter FIVE times. Ayato supremacy
Person 1": Hey you know that one faceless guy from genshin?
Person 2: "You mean Kamisato ayato?"
by meloqn December 14, 2021
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