Latin: comes from the word kaminis which means egotistical bastard
by ANE January 30, 2005
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Stringing from the word kaminish: An act of somesort that is exacuted in an odd, obnoxious, or down right rude mannor, usually involving fire,fire works, etc, this act is usually symbolized by the rock - on symbol or \m/ for cyber use. When someone is acting or portraying "kaminish" thoughts or activities the person should be flashed the kamin immediatley, now the type of kamin this person recieves is depending on the rank of kaminish behaviour
kamin,Lighting toilet seats on fire, eating purple paint, Wearing oddly colored BAM! shoes, throwing burritos left and right,spending most school days in either principals office and or at home, lighting bottle rockets off at all hours of the day,
by tdwp September 2, 2008
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to become so shithoused fucked in half drunk that you are unable to speak despite your best efforts
Bro 1: "yo man i never been that drunk in my life"
Bro 2: "Dude you couldnt even talk. You were totally kamined"
by Legend B-69 April 15, 2009
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a therapy group for friends who can't seem to say goodbye to each other at the end of their conversations
My friend told me she chats with her online friends 24/7.... I told her to join kaminate.
by blanchedevereaux August 16, 2008
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making kamine (german jailhouse slang) is when someone is looking away whistling well knowing what the facts are and the talk is about.

almost starting a new topic for confusion and misguidance.
you tell your friends someone broke in your narc-stash and ripped off all.

1. The one who did it starts talking about nonrelevant topics (kamine)or how he was ripped once in a quite bigger case, swearing to kill the man, who did it.

2. He or she starts filing her nails (kamine), surely not whistling the pink panther theme.
by doik November 7, 2010
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Jamaican artist from Finland who may be the next Picasso. His real name is Daniel Grant.
Dasekan Kamin Afameza is the next Picasso.
by Don Carlito Corleone January 31, 2010
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