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An achoholic drink spiked with anything from muscle relaxers to animal tranquilizers. Used primarily to unknowingly intoxicate another person to render them helpless for your own sexual gratification.
I don't remember anything after acting class last night. But, I woke up in Santa Monica with a wicked headache and couldn't find my underwear. I think someone slipped me a KamiCosby.
by nagrev October 28, 2015
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A Jell-O shot with so much alcohol in it that it causes you to black out
I had one KamiCosby and woke up in some random apartment to some dude in a sweater fondling me.
by RiddyTX July 11, 2015
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An alcoholic BEVERAGE, ya see. You gotta FREEEEEZE one of every COLOR 4 loko my boy. Put the ICECUBES in the CUP, Theo. Pour some more LOKO and VODKA, ya see. That my boy is a KAMICOSBY!
Curiosity Cosby is on the roof drinking KAMICOSBYS, ya see. THE MOOOOOON MAKES HIM CURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Cosby 27 - Vocabulary Cosby November 13, 2009
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