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Greek word for bad or evil.
Someone who has traits of wickedness or inner evil.

The surname Kakos also means someone who is inwardly foul, rotten;
(figuratively) inner malice flowing out of a morally-rotten character (= the "rot is already in the wood").
Boy: "Hey who's the new girl?"
Girl: "Don't bother, she's a Kakos, they're touble"
Boy: "Thanks for the warning!"
by KiwiDJK April 12, 2013
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An Ancient Greek word meaning bad. Used in a similar way to crap, lame, lamos, pants.
"That is kakos!"

"I've lost my keys, kakos!"

"I've had a kakos day"
by Ben Griffiths January 04, 2008
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If you know someone with the middle name Kako you are in for a treat. Their cocks are the most massive scrumptious things ever. They are excellent at kissing and last hours in bed, upon this, they are kind and charming.
Girl: I can tell your boy is a Kako
Girl number 2: You’re right
by ZoeDill January 29, 2018
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