Greek word for bad or evil.
Someone who has traits of wickedness or inner evil.

The surname Kakos also means someone who is inwardly foul, rotten;
(figuratively) inner malice flowing out of a morally-rotten character (= the "rot is already in the wood").
Boy: "Hey who's the new girl?"
Girl: "Don't bother, she's a Kakos, they're touble"
Boy: "Thanks for the warning!"
by KiwiDJK April 12, 2013
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If you know someone with the middle name Kako you are in for a treat. Their cocks are the most massive scrumptious things ever. They are excellent at kissing and last hours in bed, upon this, they are kind and charming.
Girl: I can tell your boy is a Kako
Girl number 2: You’re right
by ZoeDill January 28, 2018
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chad: look at kako
delilah: bitch
by JwackG December 31, 2020
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An Ancient Greek word meaning bad. Used in a similar way to crap, lame, lamos, pants.
"That is kakos!"

"I've lost my keys, kakos!"

"I've had a kakos day"
by Ben Griffiths January 4, 2008
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A word used to describe when someone goes poo in the garbage. e.g kaka in the trash. So when I need to poo in the garbage I go "damn i really need to go kako patako rn"
Andrea: Hey, did you see Maia's instagram caption.
Emma: yea, wtf does kako patako mean?
Hayley: It means she really had to poo in the garbage.
by pooforlunch December 20, 2017
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Kako, the best girl you will ever find. She might look like a mean preson but she is hella nice and funny as well. She is great at with kids and with anyone. She knows how to vibe with you and she can also be weird but a good weird. She is also very sporty and adventurous, loves to do something different and go on dangerous trips. She doesn't judge but welcomes you with a warm smile. She cares for her friends and will never back stab or hurt them.

Friend: Hey, Can I sit here
Kako: Hey, yeah you can
by st19288.HeartEight November 23, 2021
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