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This type of girl which is name Kaisah has a very Pretty, flawless face. She usually prefer white,gold,baby pink,red and black in colour of her outifts. She also have a great personality also her attitude will make every man will fall in love with her. A girl name Kaisah also is a very tall person and skinny person. She usually wearing a branded kind of clothes such as Supreme,Adidas,Nike,Converse,Gucci, Timberland, vans and etc. She also like to wear Hoodie, denim jacket, sweater whenever she go anywhere because that is her style.She usually wearing shoes,snickers, and rarely wearing High heels also Dress. She also is a very Friendly in person, she can speak other language beside her hometown language.Every man should be in love with the person who name Kaisah because she is a very average person and have a everything that man need/want. Also she is very good in all of the subject especially Science and Mathematics but very bad in Arts. Thus, she also love to play basketball and roller blade.

Thus, whoever got the person who is name Kaisah..he is very lucky to have her in his life






Denim jacket
Can speak other language
by GuysitsMinLuna December 28, 2017
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Kaisah is a fun and outgoing friend, and is also quite funny too. Kaisah is a very unique kind but sometimes can be annoying. Kaisah is very good in arts and loves to draw mostly anime. Kaisah is also attractive but is special in her size, she loves going to countries but mostly enjoys going to Europe and is pretty adventurous too. She always likes to party and has a lot of friends by her side although there is a little drama going in her life. Kaisah has a fashion sense since she likes to design fashions but likes to keep her clothes casual and mostly wears colors blue , black , red ,white and grey.she loves playing games such as ROBLOX and Minecraft. Kaisah has a big imagination and also likes to have most fun in her life. people should be happy if friends with Kaisah.
'shes so cool and fun ,' 'I bet 5 bucks that her name is Kaisah,'
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by potatoes789OMG May 30, 2018
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