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(1.)The name Kyle said by ANY japanese person.

(2.) When refered to as a "Broken Angel Kairu"; A human piece of swiss cheese.

(3.) When refering to "Kairu, my lover."; the resident sex god.
(1.) "Gomenasai Kairu-san!"

(2.) "Dude you're a Broken Angel Kairu, no doubt, look at all those scars!"

(3.) "Yep, Kairu, my lover, he is VERY pleasing"
by Aije September 15, 2004
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Kai Ru is a really tall boy, that makes funny jokes usually with his Asian accent. Knows most sports, if not good at it. He makes many people laugh.
"Haha! That's probably one of Kai Ru's jokes! "
by Jonantony980 May 21, 2018
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