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A beautiful, intelligent girl who can kick ass and take names before anyone even knows what happened. She is a master kisser, lover, and overall girlfriend. You will fall hard and fast for this girl. She is sweet and sour all at the same time and you'll love/hate every second. A Kaidyn is a girl who you will never see coming, and if you happen to catch one, you better hang on tight! You are in for the ride of your life, my friend.
So I met this girl named Kaidyn. Dude, she will take your breath away!
by A Great Storm March 30, 2014
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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The nicest person you'll ever meat, every body treats him horribly because they are jealous of his kind nature. He's really good at getting you up when your down and will get down if your up.....for it😉
by JumperJax May 14, 2017
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Kaidyn is the best person you will meet he has a great personality and is so HOT he is amazing he never lies and treats everyone with respect. everyone wants to be Kaidyns friend he is a great skateboarder and football player which ever girl is with Kaidyn is so lucky. He knows his sports really well hes also really smart if you ever need help ask Kaidyn he is the best fortnite player around and hits those sick trick shots and is great at deathruns everyone is jealous of Kaidyn.
kid: wow its Kaidyn.
kiid 2: i really wanna be like Kaidyn
by sup_kids19 April 16, 2019
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... An amino user who followed Majestic_Yeetus's instructions and made her a definition. I shall now roast him.

Yo. This user is probably a.. I can't. He be my brother, I can't roast him I'm sorry.
Kaidyn is weird.
by Majestic_Yeetus April 16, 2019
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A dumbass that can’t spell anything correctly and then blames it on autocorrect
“Oh my god I just pulled a Kaidyn”
by GodHatesKai April 22, 2019
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kaidyn is an assface. he will tell you that he will treat you like an absolute princess and then start a fight with you, no matter what you say. he is a fake guy who fucks and chucks girls. he will never find the right girl because no girl will ever love him. he is disgusting and you should never date a kaidyn unless you know he doesn’t have these traits
by bobea April 13, 2020
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