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A very ambitious, intelligent, and beautiful woman who has strong sex appeal and endless opportunities.
I always admired Kadijah.
by Msdiva777 February 03, 2010
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Body of a goddess. Often times a player, taking advantage of innocent guys making them victim to her charm. They fall in love with her and whoops! She disappears, it's as if she wasn't even there. She rides dick like a jockey and her vagina is great. She's artistic and always trying to find a way on making more money even if it includes conning men. Kadijah is selfish but so hot that it overpowers her selfishness. She's extremely sexy, thick in the right places. Her body produces a perfect silhouette and most guys are dying to tear her ass up. Kadijah makes a good girlfriend but there's a lot of competition on her partner and so it complicates things.

She's everything a guy could ever dream of but she's dangerous as well. She'll break your heart and drink wine after. If she genuinely love you though, you're a lucky guy because your dream may have just came true.
Josh: Kadijah and I are finally together!
Tyler: Woah! How'd you manage to make that happen? She's too perfect!
by ParisπŸ˜‚ December 28, 2017
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She's beautiful, talented, smart, can't forget sexy. She acts innocent. Her smile hides her lies. She appears so sweet and calm and without flaws, but she's a devil. She doesn't love anyone. Don't be fooled. Don't be her victim. I write from experience. Satan is her father. She'll tell you she love you then drink your blood later. She's good at lying. Perfect list, perfect deceiver. Please run, don't let that smile fool you. Search her eyes. She's never with you.
"Kadijah is the most evil girl I've ever dated" , John told James

"She really hurt you , didn't she?" , James further asked.
by Troyo June 03, 2018
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