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Pronounced Kay-Why-Imm-Mead. An abbreviated formation of the commonly used phrase "Kill Yourself IMMEDiately", coined in Reading by two deranged homosexualists and a dirty old girl. Usually said with a "talk to the hand" movement seen mainly in Austin Powers 2.
Scenario 1

Person 1: I'm looking really forward to the release of Nicki Minaj's new album today
Person 2: KYIMMED!

Scenario 2

Person 1: What pie shall we have for dinner tonight then?
Person 2: I think we should go for chicken and mush...
Person 1: KYIMMED!

Scenario 3

Person 1: Swag...reem...YOLO!
Persons 2 to 10: KYIMMED!
by Themadone August 29, 2013
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Pronounced kay-why-im-mead, KYIMMED was coined in Reading by some big breasted bitch and two queers, as a simplified form of the commonly unused metaphor "Kill Yourself IMMEDiately"
Scenario 1)
Person 1: I'm looking well forward to that Merseyside Derby on Sky Sports later
Person 2: Yeah br...
Person 3: KYIMMED!

Scenario 2)
Person 1: I think I ruined the last meeting in the managing director's schedule
Person 2: Oh my God, you have just gone full retard. KYIMMED!

Scenario 3)
Person 1: Nicki Minaj...
Person 2: KYIMMED!
by Dragonfather July 21, 2013
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