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1. Kill Your Hamster:

A less severe version of kys (kill yourself), for when you're mad at someone, but you don't want them to kill themselves.

2. A misspelling of kys.
Person 1: I can't believe you stole my virginity! The sex was really good though. Still, KYH.
by Nomicorn August 08, 2016
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katz yeshiva high school of south florida. $20,000 to go to a school where your teacher says chday and you have to PAY when you get skirted (having to change your skirt). this is a school where there is an ice cream machine that’s for decoration because it doesn’t actually work. other than that, the school is full of boca kids, hollywood kids, 4 boynton kids, north miami beach kids, 3 parkland kids, and miami kids. everyone in this school either has a super jewish name or the new iPhone, or both.
the levels for classes are principles, grade level, accelerated, honors, and AP. AP kids want to kill themselves. honors and accelerated have moderate work and they are steady, for now. the kids in grade level want to move up and principles kids don’t get as much work as everyone else.

the grove is a kosher marketplace that is very popular amongst the families in boca. they opened a grove in the school. now you can either order lunch, which comes from a RESTAURANT, or you can buy something at the grove for around the same price. the grove offers chicken poppers, original, bqq, and hot spicy something, they also have a variety of sushi, salads, and coffees/slushees. the line is so long that you don’t even have time to eat during lunch. you have to get there before everyone else, or a more efficient way is to go the period before.

in conclusion, Katz Yeshiva High School aka KYHS is either super hard or it’s super easy (depending on the classes).
person 1: what school do you go to?
person 2: i go to kyhs
person 1: huh?
person2: that school where we have an ice cream machine that never works and foosball tables that are taken up by freshmen and a conspiracy theory club. you know?
person 1: oh.
by anonymous and fun :) September 27, 2019
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KYHS, or Kohelet Yeshiva High School, is a college preparatory modern orthodox Jewish day school in Lower Merion Pennsylvania known for its immense workload and exceedingly depressed students. The school prides itself on the equality between genders by allowing the female students to learn Gemara but not allowing them to show their knees or sing in front of the opposite gender. The faculty also pride themselves on their ability to listen to all of the student's issues and resolves it by ignoring the problems instead of dealing with them. As you walk down the halls you can hear common phrases such as:

"I want to kill myself!"
"I'm going to kill him/her!"
"I want to die!"
"Do you have any food?"
"KYHS makes me want to KMS. I have three essays to write, four projects due, twelve chapters to read, and two tests to study for all in the next week."
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by ThatOneKidInTheCorner April 07, 2019
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