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1. Kill Your Hamster:

A less severe version of kys (kill yourself), for when you're mad at someone, but you don't want them to kill themselves.

2. A misspelling of kys.
Person 1: I can't believe you stole my virginity! The sex was really good though. Still, KYH.
by Nomicorn August 08, 2016
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Absolute hell itself never enter or you will be forced to stay there for an eternity. Where kids enter and sit in math class two years behind a free public school going over last nights homework they review more homework than actual math. When you eventual get forced to leave this horrid place they send you off with this crappy piece of paper. The teachers do nothing but ramble β€œchaday chaday chaday”.
Are you excited to waste half of your day on Judaic studies join KYHS where kids want to kill them selves.
Chaday (Ch-aa-d-aay) we got some β€œfigures” (fi- gurr-s) to represent chadays schedule.
by Anonymous person human January 16, 2019
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