muslim country
On 19 June 1961, Kuwait became an independent state and since then it has been changing to the best because of petrol as the main income and exporting incom on 1990 kuwait was attacked by iraq and the invasion lasted for 7 monthes and took civilians (300) as prisoners of war sadly they died god rest their souls .. kuwait became free because of the actions of fellow arab countries and america now kuwait is a good peaceful country with allies all over the world and kuwait is known for helping poor countries in need in africa/asia
kuwait is improving none-stop now !
Guy : DUDE where u from ?
ME : kuwait
Guy : so u live in tents and ride camels ?
ME : no u fucktard we live in houses and we ride cars
ME : again no fucktard just because someone acts in the name of islam doesnt mean they are right MORON
Guy : sorry
ME : NOW GO !!
Guy *runs away*
by Mr.Truth June 11, 2005
It's the time a military member waits in the country of Kuwait to either go home to the US or to go into Iraq, usually a period of stasis or limbo when nothing is happening.
Military guy calling forward to his unit in Iraq to let them know he's going to be a couple of days over on his leave, "Dude, I was supposed to fly out last week but the plane broke so I'm Kuwaiting till they have another one up"
by Sean from Doc in the Box September 20, 2007
The only country in the world where you have to pay $100 for a bottle of scotch.
Before you move to Kuwait, make sure you know how to Brew your own beer, make your own wine and grow you own gunja.
A rich country with a mix of ex-pats from some parts of the world. The Kuwaiti people are snobby, some are really racist...specially against Indian and Philippians.

Its hot during the summer and chilly to the bare bones during the winter. Its wealth comes from Oil and sells a bitch load to the US and European countries. and other parts of the world.

Some bitches are hot in Kuwait...but the fat people stand out too much.

There are alot of people who are open minded, who travel and live abroad....those people are more notably known as "hathar" (7athar in kuwaiti araboo) which means those who do not hold on to traditional beliefs.

Oprah openly stated that she hated kuwaities. It was funny..A rich country, no tax, cheap ciggs, enough ganjah and alcohol to keep the people busy.....hey! i'd hate this mafuck'n country if i wasnt kuwaiti too.
Jack: Ay man are you mexican?

The Kuwaiti: nah brah i'm from Kuwait.

Jack: Awwh hella tight, cuz i was about to say...a mexican wearing Armani one day and polo the next...and a gucci wallet
by Bo Dictionary November 22, 2010
The greatest country on Earth, better than the UK and its knife crime, better than the US and its gun crime, better than Australia and its funny YouTubers, better than Ireland and its drinking culture, and better than Canada and its kind and very welcoming inhabitants. In Kuwait, you can do the following: go snorkeling, look for treasure, fish, race fast ass cars that are found everywhere, collect guns, form a small militia, kill the locals, go to several magical pillars and make fun of the map makers for adding magic, kill boss locals, starve to death, and dehydrate to death. Kuwait is a place for men, women, and children, excluding everybody from Detroit, Rhode Island, and Ottoe, Nebraska. Come to Kuwait, today.
Kuwait is the greatest place on Earth and may Allah's light shine upon you all.
by Ashley H 705 May 17, 2021
where you go buy a video game in just 10 dinars.
guy 1: im going to buy the new game
guy 2: how much?
guy 1: 10 dinars
guy 2: wtf? you mean 50 dinars
guy 1: fuck no u piece of shit, where not in usa where it cost $50, where in kuwait where u buy 1.50 dinars just for a big mac meal
guy 2: we must be rich
guy 1: we are
by Some1 @ the internet October 14, 2018
Rich country located on the Arabian gulf, mostly known for its hospitality, fancy cars and exportation of 14% of the worlds oil. Kuwaiti's enjoy free health care and education and to top it all no taxes. Kuwaiti's really do live a life of luxury. It is constantly called the worlds "Beverly Hills". According to Porsche 27% of the cars they export go to Kuwait annually, thus making it the country with most porsche's on its streets.
Jack: Hey, where are you from?

Zaid: Kuwait

Jack: Awesome! I'd kill to be Kuwaiti.
by TheRealLifestyle June 19, 2011