Name of Artist J. Cole's album which has three meanings:
Kids On Drugs
King Overdosed
Kill Our Demons
Have you head Cole's album KODis what we need right now man.
by coleworld13 April 19, 2018
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King Of Diamonds

a Strip Club in Miami That many rappers attend and discuss in their Music. Rick Ross, Drake, Young Jeezy, Ace Hood , Tpain , and Lil Wayne have all made references to King of Diamonds in their Music
Boy1: man last night was crazy we met Ross and Jeezy
Boy2: yea bro they're always at KOD
by MiamiBoi 305 March 08, 2011
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Kiss Of Death; You say someone has The Kiss Of Death when anyone who is associated with her dies, has an accident, or suddenly disappears.
Dude, that girl Lita has KOD... All of her partners suddenly disappeared like a bubble!
by Kebong May 20, 2006
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Knock Out D**k
When you make your girl orgasm too many times too quickly and now she can barely move. She knocked out
Me- wanna be on top now?
Girl- zzzzzz

Me- damn this KOD!
by KIDD⊙ May 18, 2015
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Kind Of Douchey - Borderline lame, lacking creativity and originality. A bore.
Look at Tony Romo out on the field, his hair is KOD.
by Harty McHotterson February 07, 2010
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Short for KING OF DIRT. a dirt jumping competition. Some of the greatest riders compete.
1.) dude did u see the KOD this year?
2.) Ya it was freakin crazy.
3.) ya dude, nyquist threw a double backflip in the finals
by BKOD November 29, 2004
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