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A bunch of butthurt extreme liars that have nothing better to do with thier lives than spend three years hating on a far cooler chatroom. Thier leader is a extreme pedo named Muse who is in his twenties that spends all day accusing everyone else on earth of doing what he does, namely spend all night trying to cyber with 13 year old females and 16 year old males.
Muse licks wine bottles and looks like Eminem after huffing paint. This is what KLD is all about.
by The Masked Avenger 2.5 July 06, 2010
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An intellectual and headstrong woman without the patience to write out her own long name so uses initials. She has great hair and guys think she's cute and at least 5 years younger than she is. Secretly she watches movies about female undercover agents and fantasizes about kicking butt during boring office meetings.
"The workshop was dragging but then KLD came and in 5 minutes she told us what to say"
"If you want to look good, get a KLD on your team."
"I liked the concept, but she KLD it"
by KittyLion October 08, 2017
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KLD - Klan Leader Derek
One Who runs the Klan
Supreme Klan Member

KLD - Klan Leader Derek went to go hang some niggers
by Klan Member Paul April 27, 2009
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