The act of pulling out and shooting nut on your partners stomach creating a pool of semen.
Daniel: "Man I was bangin Dorothy last night and.."
Nathan: "Did you give her the kiddie pool?"
Daniel: "You know it!"
by JASON^MAPLES May 11, 2010
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A pool 1 foot deep or less. Designed pool for small children who haven't learned the art of swimming yet and mainly just want to splash around. Contrary to belief, it is still possible for a kid to drown in the pool, especially if they fall asleep face down.
There's a kiddy pool included along with the regular pool.
by Elec2684 October 21, 2004
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A person whose personality is so shallow, it's only skin deep. A person that is so superficial, that they are compared to the most shallow swimming pool, the kiddie pool.
"Ashley is so shallow, she's a kiddie pool."

"Brock?! Deep?! Are you kidding?! He's a kiddie pool."
by Youknowyadayada November 10, 2009
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1) A small pool about 10 feet in diameter usually used for small children
2) When a male ejaculates on a woman's or man's belly button and then proceeds to slap his penis on the belly button, creating a splashing effect.
1) I went to Wal*Mart to pick up the kiddie pool.

2) I gave my girlfriend a kiddie pool last night and stained the sheets.
by Nav July 18, 2003
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when you are fucking a girl missionary and you're about to blow your load in her, you pull out and fill her belly button with your jizz (so obviously she has to have a hole instead of that sticking out shit)
i was fucking your mom last nite and i filled her kiddie pool
by the October 22, 2004
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The act of ejaculating in the back dimples on the small of the females lower back.
I can’t wait to drop my kids off at you kiddy pool!
by SullyMos July 27, 2023
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