A person capable of enduring life’s most difficult and burdensome events and trivial tasks, while still remaining to be a beautiful soul. The woman that can restore a man from ruin, providing him love and unconditional support. The love of my life and future mother to my children.
God, that’s my girl, that’s my sass queen, that’s my kellie.
by Jujubrains February 18, 2019
Kellie Sager URBANDICTIONARY.COM kellie, you know shes thinking i told you so. this person is always there for you and makes a good friend. she IS aweswome , she does what she wants when she wants to do it because well..she's kellie. she is probably one of the closest friends you could ever have and you can trust her with whatever you want to because..well..shes the shit
I wish she terated me like Kellie.
by kelliedawn February 24, 2010
An extremely beautiful girl that is totally lovable, even though it doesn’t appear due to her extremely bubbly and contagious happy vibe she has been through a lot and is truly something to cherish. She’s the kinda girl that you meet online and despite having complications of communication, trust and overall withdrawal you would intimately stay with for 2 years and many more to come.
by J Junc May 31, 2019
Kelly is a perfect soul god knows what she has been through
Kelly always puts everybody first before she even thinks of herself she is an awesome mother
by Friend's for life February 17, 2018
The most wonderful person you can ever have she will love you in a crazy cute way and will always look out for you she may be shy and adorable that way but once you get to her don' loose her it will be the biggest mistake you can ever make . Love her till you die because she is a beautiful cute smart charming and all around amazing person don't mess up because once you loose her trust is most likely gone and cherish her forever.
Boy1: WOW have you seen Kelly today she looked so beautiful i wish she was mine
Boy2: I know, it was so hard to get the courage to talk to her, but it was worth it and i'm proud to know her it feels great and i hope one day i can date her.
by Noah A3bino May 6, 2019
The only girl on the planet I could ever want. The best person ever, funny, pretty and amazing in every way and she doesn't even know that I think that. If you have a 'Kelly' in your life NEVER let her go, always be nice to her and always appreciate her or you'll regret it. When we met, I had no idea you would impact my life so much. You've been there for me whenever I needed somebody to be there for me. You've seen me at my best and absolute worst. I've laughed with you and cried. You put up with my anger and craziness. You know me more than I know me more than anybody else does and you see things in me not even I do. You showed me the type of love and affection people wish they could experience. All I ever wanna do is hold you in my arms. When I'm with you I have not one worry. You're honestly my best friend, my other half, my heart, and my soul.
by rollercoastersanddrums October 19, 2013