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Stands for Knight Automated Roving Robot. KITT's evil twin from the old Knight Rider series. KARR was an earlier prototype of KITT, but was deactivated due to an error in his programming. KARR had been programmed for self preservation rather then protecting human life. KARR was supposed to be dismantled, but instead was placed in storage. Years later after Wilton Knight's death two criminals broke into the factory where KARR was "sleeping" and accidentally reactivated him. By the end of the episode KARR was thought to be destroyed after going over a cliff. He later returned in season 3 episode 9 wanting revenge on Michael and KITT.
Rev: But you're just a car ain't ya?
KARR: Not just a car. I am the Knight Automated Roving Robot. K.A.R.R., if you prefer. I am the prototype of the car of the future.
by Twoslice March 05, 2008
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Knight Automated Roaming Robot, which happens to be KITT(Knight Industries Two Thousand)'s nemesis.
KITT really kicked the shit out of KARR last night on Knight Rider.
by Chap Lipman April 14, 2004
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