K-Diamonds is an abbreviation for Korean Diamonds, a term frequently used by the ARMY fandom of BTS. The international fans of BTS created this term to address their Korean fans.

This term serves as a response to the nickname I-Lovelies that the Korean fans use to call the international fans by, and resonates with the Korean fans being as precious, strong, and beautiful as diamonds.
ARMY 1: Can we trend #WorldWideHandsomeDay on Jin's birthday?
ARMY 2: Great idea! Let's ask our K-Diamonds of what they think about this.
ARMY 3: I love how we I-Lovelies and K-Diamonds interact with each other!
by sabiiTurtle March 21, 2018
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K-Diamonds (Korean A.R.M.Y) is a nickname given by I-Lovelies for them. Even though they faced a lot of hardships they remained strong , just like Diamonds . I-Lovelies are always here to protect K-Diamonds and BTS 💜
K-Diamonds love BTS and I-Lovelies
by MajijoyBTS March 21, 2018
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A term of endearment coined by international BTS fans as a nickname for the Korean A.R.M.Y (bts' fan club name).
I-lovelies and k-diamonds have a strong bond because of their love for BTS.
by Daydream March 21, 2018
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A word created by International ARMY's (BTS fans) for Korean ARMY's. A short term for Korean Diamonds. The counterpart of this word is I-Lovelies.
K-Diamonds are gentle and sweet.
K-Diamonds and I-Lovelies protect each other because they adore and love each other.
by myg_jeon March 21, 2018
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A term international BTS fans aka ARMY use to lovingly refer to their Korean counterparts
I have two rays of sunshine in my life, BTS and k-diamonds
by CookieMaster97 March 21, 2018
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Korean Fans;Fans that are Korean or Currently Live in Korea.
K-Diamonds are so lucky breathing the same air as our idols.”
“K-Diamonds are always there for us and have our back”
by K-PopTrashLolWby November 16, 2017
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K-Diamonds is a term created by I-ARMYs (BTS international fans aka I-lovelies) to describe K-ARMYs (Korean ARMYs).
I have an ARMY friend who lives in Korea so I call her my K-Diamond.
by I-Lovely, I -ARMY March 20, 2018
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