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3 definitions by sabiiTurtle

A term frequently used by ARMY (BTS fandom). It is a very special name given specifically to the international ARMY from its Korean counterpart.

This name serves as a symbol of the strong bond shared between the fandom even being continent/countries apart. According to the Korean ARMY, the international counterpart exhibits the trait of being "Lovely", therefore, in recognition and response to the tremendous amount of love, support and dedication they have been showing to BTS, the Korean ARMY crowned their international counterpart as being "International Lovelies", abbreviated as "I-Lovelies."
ARMY 1: Can someone please translate these tweets to Korean for our K-Diamonds?
ARMY 2: What's this about?
ARMY 1: It's a compilation of appreciation letters written by some I-Lovelies.
by sabiiTurtle March 21, 2018
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K-Diamonds is an abbreviation for Korean Diamonds, a term frequently used by the ARMY fandom of BTS. The international fans of BTS created this term to address their Korean fans.

This term serves as a response to the nickname I-Lovelies that the Korean fans use to call the international fans by, and resonates with the Korean fans being as precious, strong, and beautiful as diamonds.
ARMY 1: Can we trend #WorldWideHandsomeDay on Jin's birthday?
ARMY 2: Great idea! Let's ask our K-Diamonds of what they think about this.
ARMY 3: I love how we I-Lovelies and K-Diamonds interact with each other!
by sabiiTurtle March 21, 2018
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People who religiously listen to BTS's music and/or stan BTS out of all the other k-pop groups/idols are said to be a fan of BTSpop.
"If you stan only BTS then you aren't a kpop fan, you're a BTSpop fan!"
by sabiiTurtle April 10, 2018
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