A name for Korean Babies. Could also be used to call a Korean person a Baby if they’re acting immature.
“It’s so hot! How do you guys survive in this fucking heat!”

“You’re such a fuckin K Baby”

That’s Racist!”

Waaaa Waaaa Waaaa Cry about it K Baby”
by asiancalculator66 August 15, 2023
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Poop squarehouse diarrhea
The term is used to describe that moment when you suddenly need to poop so bad you don't know if you can make it to the toilet.
Usually after stating it you run for your life.
It comes from an italian song "da zero a cento" of singer baby k.
"Da zero a cento" means "from 0 to 100 in no time"

Guy1:"Oh shit man i have a baby k!"
Guy2:"Run boy,run!"
by Kolima November 14, 2019
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Queen of italian summer.
Summer in italy officially begins when her song comes out.
Her summer hits start with her screaming "Yo, BABY K"

She is the only italian singer to own a diamond certified single, 1billion views on YouTube and most watched italian video, as well as first italian singer to get to 1 million subscribers.

She was a rapper in the beginning of her career (in 2005) and by the time she evolved into an urban artist.

She collaborated with Lali Esposito, Andrès Dvicio and Major Lazer.

Her song Roma Bangkok featuring Giusy Ferreri was acclaimed worldwide.

Her real name is Claudia Nahum
x: Guys summer's about to begin and Baby K hasn't released her single yet
y: I'm getting worried
z: She'll be coming in a week or two, get ready to twerk.
by mary k August 26, 2020
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Italian queen of summer,
Wrote the best selling italian single ever, literally can't do anything wrong.
Talented, unproblematic and beautiful.
x: hey man today's the first day of summer
y: not yet bro, Baby K's song isn't out yet
x: ur right man, waiting for Yo Baby K!
by mary k July 31, 2020
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an Italian singer who is mostly known for her summer songs.

Every one of her hits starts with her screaming "YO BABY K!" and this is a piece of Italian culture

She also has many good songs about female-empowering and self-love which no one listens to but are so good.

She holds the record for the first music video in Italy to get Vevo certified, and first and only single to get diamond certified.
Person 1: it's strange, it's June and baby k's song hasn't come out yet!
Person 2: just wait a little, she must make a song for it to be summer!!
by mary k April 27, 2020
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