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The best person ever. She is outgoing and has an amazing character. Be warned although she laughs out loud she is in a deep depression. She often lets people take her happiness in exchange for a smile from them. She looks to make others happy first before herself.

She's loyal and lovable. She often tries to look at the positive parts, even though she most likely cries every night. With beautiful eyes and wonderous hair.

Justyce is all around a loyal person and can easily make anyone fall in love with her.
Damn Justyce was lit today.

I wish I had a Justyce attitude.
by Truthseeker2131 February 19, 2017
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Justyce is a bright young lady who is loved by everyone and is REALLY funny she doesn’t show much sadness bc it’s usually hiddden behind her happiness and joy she is quick to put the people most important to her before herself and she always shares something of hers: money happiness or food. When it comes to friend and family Justyce don’t play at all. She might seem all sweet and delicate but she is hardcore(j a little)
Can i have some, come on be a Justyce for once
by Leeniah June 18, 2018
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