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Lead-singer of the greatest rock band appeared since the 80s. NOT camp although might appear so. Extremely talented, with a great voice, lovely outfits......and deliciously sweeeeeeeeeeet.....oh jesus....
I wanna kiss you every minute every hour everyday.....
by CatherineInRock January 08, 2004
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Lead singer of The Darkness, the UK's most successful rock act of the early '00s.

Camp, but still a great musician with a lot of talent.
"I believe in a thing called love"
by DaveIII October 17, 2003
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Just pure talent! Wonderful! Nice moves and outfits, THE VOICE, they really turn me on even if I´m 32...
Best rock act of the decade!
by J from Finland March 11, 2004
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Fuckin gorgeous 27 yaer old man with the nicest arse this side of the universe. Has a flaming tattoo on his crotch area
All hail the almighty Justin and his hot rod
by Heather Cooper November 11, 2003
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