A stupid little 16 year old prick who hasn't yet reached puberty. Likes to have sexual interactions with Usher, but you still cant say that it's gay , because it's not a he or a she. It (and all the 10-16 year old girls) think it's so amazing, but in reality, it is the most sucky singer ever to sing a song on the face of this earth. 10 year old girls masturbate to pictures of him in womens underwear. Just you wait until it's nuts grow in (a few months, unless they're injecting it with estrogen)
Should be disposed of (thrown into a volcano, assassinated, killed by Chuck Norris's little finger, etc.)
Dude: Hey did you see that Justin Beiber giving usher a blow job on TV?
other Dude: Yeah that was so freaking gross

Dude: Justin Beiber is such a faggot
Guy: Yup.
by ben2kool4skool January 13, 2011
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justin beiber is an ultra gay with a huge clitoris which looks like a dick
hey look justin beiber is a hero for all gays..
by punk223 June 06, 2014
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A bitchy little girl that thinks she can sing. She is only cool because taylor swift and 50 cent "like her". The only people that like her are 8 year old girls and gay kids. Her voice is so squeaky and high pitched. She has a vagina and is currently searching for her dream boyfriend.
by mryoyo9 November 24, 2010
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a malevolent alien being come down to earth that wears the skin of a prepubescent boy. His objective is to create popular music with a hidden sound that will kill human brain cells, when the majority of humans have been turned into vegetables his species will come to earth and ingest the human race. Justin Beibers commonly target children, mainly young girls with simple thoughtless high pitched music about love. a Justin Beiber's only weakness is the sound of rock or metal that dates before the year 2000, any other music will simply increase its manipulative ability, exposing it to rock or metal will cause intense pain in its eyes, ears and brain, prolonged exposure should cause multiple strokes and heart attacks eventually pressure in the brain will cause its head to explode. exposing the brain directly to rock with headphones should cause instant decapitation
guy #1:i had a dream i was in a flying saucer with a Justin Beiber, he tried to kill me but when he got near my ipod he fell down and died, weird dream huh?

guy #2: that was real! you got abducted by the beibers!
by randomguy#212 December 09, 2010
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