1. A lie told by every guy in an attempt to have sex when their partner is not 120% into it.

2. Phrase used to describe the act of just barely doing something.

3. To insert no more than 20% of something, usually a body part, into an opening of another person, although it could be anything, a body part and/or person is not necessarily a requirement.
BP: Yeah he said was going to put just the tip in, then we could go.
HB: What happened next?
BP: He was balls deep, Just the tip my ass!!!No not in my ass…you know what I'm saying.
HB: Just the tip never works!

FS: Come on, I could really use a BJ.
MF: No, I am busy with life.
FS: you don't have to take it all, just the tip.. That's all, just the tip.

MF: If you grab the back of my head, I'm biting! We on the same page?
FS: Yes, just the tip!

AM: Let me play with your boobs
BP: I'm in the middle of a LAS and you ask that?
AM: Just the tips then?
BP: Did you say just the nips?
AM: Yeah, just the tips, the nips are the tips and the best part anyway.
BP: Get out!
by Frank Darkholer Spankadocious September 27, 2016
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When a physician tries to insert a q-tip into "just the tip" of a male patient's penis for std testing since the patient somehow gets so many of his dates to have sex with him despite their initial refusal.
In doctor's office

Doctor: "I will now insert this q-tip about an inch into your penis."

Man: "Like hell you won't!"

Doctor: "Aw come'on, it's "just the tip."
by brackish52 June 27, 2011
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"Just the tip" means just the tip of your cock goes in your girls pussy when your trying to get laid.
"Come on, just the tip, just for a minute, just to see how it feels."
by SB "I'm so hot right now" August 15, 2005
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A game defined by what it never actually is.
Q: So did you get some last night?

A: I got her to play Just the Tip.

Q: And . . ?

A: Dude, you know it's never just the tip.
by Parhelion July 30, 2008
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during vaginal intercourse, when the man inserts "just the tip" of his penis.
Vince vaugh uses this phrase when describing the pain of dating to his secretary in "The Wedding Crashers"...."play a little game of just the tip"
by Meltin August 1, 2005
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A game that NO MAN can play.
I told her “Just the tip” but as soon as I felt how hot and wet she was, I HAD to give her the donk.
by Will_Odinsson November 8, 2021
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The plea you use when in a total twist of fate, you finally decide to have sex with a dude after three years of celibacy and he won't have intercourse with you.
You: I'm ready. Let's have sex.
Dude: I can't. I made a promise to God.
You: C'mon man, just the tip. God won't know.
by thundersnow December 8, 2010
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