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A term used to coax an unwilling participant into a three-way.
Shane: "come on Balls Just roll with it"

Fat girl about to get sandwiched: "Yeah balls just roll with it!"

Balls: I don't know guys, im not sure about it.

Shane: dont worry mate i promise that we wont touch dicks!
by tomax84 December 20, 2008
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A comeback for when someone questions your style, taste, or decision making. It can be used when the actual reason is too embarrassing to admit, would cause you to lose street cred, or you dont know why and want the other person to shut up.
Why are you going to see Bareback Mountain? Dude, that's just how I roll.
Why are you wearing a shirt with an amusing slogan, a trendy blazer, 300 dollar ripped jeans, and haven't shaved in a week? That's just how I roll.
Why are you ignoring me? That's just how I roll.
by cdeegee January 23, 2006
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Something Ben says when he wants to describe how he's doing something or how he normally does something - that's just how i roll man
by Ben's#9guy January 5, 2018
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