Used by someone as a way to soften a direct insult by saying it was just a joke, although the person doing the insulting still means the insult after the Just kidding! has been said.
Reggie: "Bob, you're such an asshole!"
Bob: "What?"
Reggie: "Just kidding!"
Bob: "Oh, ok."

Bob now doesn't feel he's been insulted, because he was told that it was a joke, but Reggie still means what he said.
by narhi August 30, 2005
A phrase used by preps when they feel as though they said something stupid. Used frequently. Extremely frequently.
"What's 2 + 2?" "It's 4 you dumbass." "Oh, just kidding!"
by I hate preps. August 4, 2005
Making a statement or asking a question and gauging someones response to base your next comment on
Man: "You know, I have some fluffy handcuffs if thats what your into, heh"

Woman: "OK, thats creepy"

Man: "Nah, I was "just" kidding"


Man: "You know, I have some fluffy handcuffs if thats what your into, heh"

Woman: "Really? Thats hot"

Man: "Oh yeah"
by metdevil678 August 25, 2009
1. You were just joking around with somebody

2. You were actually serious but decided what you said was actually very mean

3. You were actually serious but since that person took what you said offensively you cover it up by saying" just kidding"

4. When you try to confess to something and that person is either laughing at you in disbelief or just very angry you cover it up by saying just kidding
liar jk just kidding
by :):)(:(:21 September 10, 2010
An expression used (typically through text) as a way to find out if the person you are talking to is okay with what you just said. If they are okay with it, then the conversation can continue to build. If not, then you can confirm it was only a joke.
John: You, me, and your girlfriend should have a three way.
John: ...just kidding?
Ben: That would be really weird.
John: *hesitation* Yeah I know.
by weallcomefromstars April 26, 2010
The universal word for I regret what I just said.

Chelsea: 9+3=8 (looks over at friends problem) just kidding!

Amy: OMG, Laura’s such a fugly bitch!
(Laura’s comes up next to her.)
Amy: just kidding!
by medusa4 September 23, 2006
when you actually meant what you said but want to cover it up so that the other person doesnt get offended,you use the word 'just kidding'.
Laura:John you seem be a messy person.
Laura:Just kidding.You are a great person to be with.
by Ananya Sharma January 19, 2016