(n.) The act of being responsible and socially justifiable.
Bro 1: Look at that dude man, he's got the nice ride, pretty chick that lucky—

Bro 2: —Stop hating and Just Do You!
by Yagami85 June 16, 2012
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A bag, manufactured by sportswear company Nike, that is the ultimate in chav fashion at this moment.
A: My sister just bought a Just Do It bag.
B: Shoot her... Shoot her now...
by Mehmet_Al_Arab February 02, 2008
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slang for I find you completely attractive
Sorry if we went too far last night, you just do it for me, youre amazing
by LeGenius December 03, 2014
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Work in an place where everyone's getting into each others bizness?? Work in a place where guys be shruggin off there responsibilities onto others?

JDYDJ means just come in and do your shit and don't get in the way of me doin my shit.
me: Dick says he didn't see the updates so he needed me to come in early. But he was lookin in the wrong place!
you: Shit man, well if he'd worry more about his work and less about micro-managing us...
me: he makes me wanna yell JDYDJ (Just Do Your Damn Job)!
by youtoo! May 11, 2009
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a mixture of sports quotations such as adidas with a hint of originality and innocence. it is a term that is described to take a wild action that should be done spontaneously and without using the mind. much similar to the creater of this phrase.

very commonly used by Leo and carry forwarded by Eetu and Rohan.
person1- dude do u think i should jump from that building to my death
person 2- don't think about it, you just do it.
by ronnie1234 November 05, 2010
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