The phrase that is used when people do something terrible for the sake of a prank. It's mostly used by trash youtube pranksters.
GUY 1: What the heck dude? You broke into my house, dressed up as a killer clown, killed my girlfriend and chid, stole my money, leaked my nudes, and set my dog BoBo on fire!

by Weirdo Sheep May 27, 2017
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A phrase youtubers say after doing something horrible, just to get out of trouble.
"It's just a prank, bro! I didn't mean to steal your money and have sex with your girlfriend andshoot your dick off!"
by OmNomNomZ April 12, 2015
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“It’s Just a Prank!” is an expression often uttered in prank videos when victims react violently when harassed. The phrase is often referenced online when mocking prank video creators for being abusive, threatening or unethical.
Prankster: Hey you mind if I step on your Jordans?
Victim: What in the fuck nigga MIND IF I STEP ON YOUR HEAD NIGGA!
by FreeMyNiggaDaquan December 05, 2015
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Used by fucktards who don't know when to stop and do the dumbest stuff to people and claim it was for the camera
I was walking down the street then I was stabbed, the guy who did it told the police it was just a prank bro.
by Pop tart420 April 17, 2016
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When someone is a complete douche, and claims it was just a prank.
father- *le car crash*
kid- no! le father is dead!
father- don't be a cry babeh boi! It's just a prank bro!
by Ask The Pizza on the Roof February 26, 2016
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A saying to calm down a pissed off person.
Tom: Look there's a fly on your head

Gio: ok-
Tom: *Hits head*
Gio: WTF, *starts to punch Tom*
Tom: It's just a prank bro!
by BestDankMeme February 09, 2016
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The famous line that white boys (with hair filled with so much wax, you can make a hundred candles to mourn their death when they get inevitably get killed for their so called "pranks") says to justify on camera the stupid and/or douchey act (so called "pranks") that the attention seeking whores inside of them want so badly. Then post it on You Tube, get thousands of views then build a private army filled with fan girls that will beat you up and burn you at the steaks if you have a different opinion to their douche-nugget overlord, this affect can be worse when they didn't get their Starbucks coffee in the morning>
by Lamar, the big dick fuck boi February 28, 2016
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