Junior Nation is perhaps the most loyal group of fans in NASCAR.
by Aaron, Earl of Vermilion October 24, 2008
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A school with too many stairs. It takes at least 10min to walk from the side gate to the classrooms. But most of the teachers are really passionate about what they teach and genuinely care about the students. A good school to go if you are looking for a caring and nurturing environment. But too little ccas for the secondary section
U go to the National Junior College? Damn the number of stairs there is crazy, u must be very fit
by ky262 August 22, 2021
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It is a school that is supposed to be a girls school but pitifully they allowed a few boys to join. It is filled with NUS rejects.
Bob:What school are you studying in ? John:National Junior College, bro . Bob : I thought that Is a girls school?
by Monkey sinkey February 22, 2020
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An elite school in Singapore, ranking 5th place in 2021, tying with Dunman High School. Located along Dunearn Road, this school offers a wide variety of activities, especially Science. The year heads take disciplinary acts very seriously as it is the #1 priority. Most students here work closely with students from NUS, the best university in Singapore. NJC also a 6-year integrated programme. It goes a lot faster than normal schools. For example, secondary 1 students finish 1A, 1B, half of 2A by the end of the year and learn Sec 3-Sec 4 Science. Language Arts is a compulsory subject. LA is a combination of Literature and English.
“Wow! Why are you so smart? I am in Secondary 3 and you helped me with Science. Which school are you from?”
“National Junior College. I am actually an average student there hahaha
by Doggiesss August 20, 2021
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school in singapore with lots of electives but some of the students are annoying gold diggers anyway the nanyang and raffles rejects won’t admit it also the boys to girls ratio is like 1:3
John: what’s National Junior College?
Tom: read urban’s dictionary’s definition
by homestopinions August 24, 2021
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KNN school is trash, everywhere has a leaky roof, stand under shelter still can get wet. We have questionable canteen food that is meh, teachers are great but some are quite condescending. Usually people go NJC because HCI or NYJC rejected them besides that, no one really knew this school existed. Also we have 2 college anthem for some reason
Bob : Which JC you go ?

James : National Junior College lor

Bob: What school is that ?
by ImVeryToxic August 15, 2021
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Recent winner of African Junior National Trials. The Namibian squad upset the heavily favored Nigerian squad head by American college prospect Odia Churchill.

Lead by a 23 point 11 rebound effort by rising star, Etiam "Pillar of Namibia" Corrigo, the Namibian Junior team appears to have established itself among the elite African national teams.
by Omon Davenbos April 10, 2004
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