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National coming out day
Wether your coming out the pantry or the closet, you have to come out. (If you want)
Brendon urie “hey, can i tell you something?”
Tyler joseph “yeah?”
Brendon urie “well, its june 15th so.... im bi”
Tyler Joseph “oh wow, so am i”
by Showpigvr June 02, 2020
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June 15th is the day of the big bootied latinas
Ah, June 15th. The day of thicc Latinas and anime bitches.
by blkww October 15, 2019
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National fall in love with a girl named Lindsey day:)
"Bro look at that girl, Lindsey!"
"It's June 15th national fall for a girl named Lindsey so imma shoot my shot"
by Oimeinthechurchparkinglotat5oc November 20, 2019
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