The last day of pride month. It's day whereby u can kiss ur homophobic friend or whoever then say fuck you since now u have infected them with ur gayness lmao. Long live the gays
Bro 1: What day is it
Bro 2: Its 30th June
Bro 1: well shit
Bro 2: *kisses bro 1's homophobic ass*
by afellowhumanspecimen November 02, 2019
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Don’t be rude if it’s a birthday but them a present. also national cuddle day because I said so

by Draco_malfoy_ugly April 14, 2021
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Fate : the day you should say thank you to the person you like but they don’t like you ! The fact u like them is such a point u should prove and show them . 😔 imagine if they liked u 😐
30th June: Fate is not real but thank you for making me realise why life is so different now u don’t feel the same x
by Grace lovey June 30, 2021
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Get something off your chest day say something to everyone just to get it off your chest no matter how it may change things.
Homeroom class:Hey
Me: june 30th I wanna say I hate jamey
by Tiktaktoe3inaroe June 29, 2021
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Mabey Fin will have a blowJ0b by now?
Who knows , maybe if he stops drinking as much.
"Put the smirnoff down minley, Biancas crying!"
if u guys broke up POG, was the head gd tho? surely you've gotten head by June 30th????
by Stankyleg3000 February 15, 2021
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On the 30th of June EVERYONE will eat a bowl of elbow pasta just like today!! Rigatoni day!
Jhon: did you hear about elbow pasta day?
Rick: no what is it??

Jhon: it’s June 30th 2024!
by Mhutch1008828872 May 24, 2021
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