A group of people who have no relation to the 2 g juggalos or the insane clown posse. They are known for giving off positive energy and donating to the less fortunate. They can often be seen at sporting events cheering on their friends.
Wow, he just donated to that homeless woman. What a Jugalo

It's just Jugalo
by Jugalo4 February 17, 2012
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n. 1. refers to any person identifing w/ or supporting the Insane Clown Posse (ICP); synonymous w/ deep rooted stupidity. 2. An ill-mannered & impressionable idiot.
A. "the jugalo met me out back, pushed me, and told me to 'come're'."
B. "filth doesn't form like this in metropolitan areas unless the jugalos are in town."
by spider bark September 08, 2005
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Term derived from the musical group ICP. Meant to express mad love and comradery between any two people. A closer friend than a regular "Homie"
"Wasup my Jugalo Homie"
by Ho Fosho June 22, 2006
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