The act of taking your hand and making a chop motion on a persons shoulder near the neck area while saying in a loud manner, "Judo chop-HAI!"

1. Find a victim.
2. Creep up behind them.
3. Make sure palm/hand is flat and straight.
4 Raise your hand and chop the victim's shoulder, making sure it is close enough to the neck.
5. Say the phrase, "Judo Chop HAI!" While doing so.
6. Walk away.
by JudoJoo November 19, 2008
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the physical act of alternating penetrating open hands up another's rectum, usually done in hate. best depicted in the classis latino film "dos manos en su orto."
wow, did you see that judo chop
by bubba March 25, 2003
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An expression of respect, approval, or recognition directed at a person, usually one who has achieved something noteworthy or completed a job well done. Comes from the similar-meaning phrases "kudos" and "props," which, when put together, create the phrase "Kudo-props," and hence, the rhyming "Judo Chops."
Dude, you just landed a date with Megan Fox?? Judo Chops!!
by mexicanjester July 2, 2009
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signature move of the greatest person in the world, Damo.
Did you hear that Libby just got owned by Damo's judo chop?
by Master Wishy June 22, 2011
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Judo chop donkey punch is when you’re fucking someone doggie style then cum you Judi chop them in the neck so they tense their whole body and then donkey punch them in the ass cheek to make them stand up quickly while tense so they don’t leave any cum or shit on your dick
Guy:1 I was fucking this chick last night and gave her a judo chop donkey punch because I didn’t wear a condom
by UtzUtz69 September 5, 2022
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