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Jozlynn is quite unique. As a good reader she can read between your lines. Sweet and loving one moment, angry and defiant the next, and sometimes scared of her own shadow, you never know what you're going to get with her. She's a force of energy here to move Heaven and Earth.
Check out that bundle of emotion, she must be a Jozlynn.
by LadyVenus December 22, 2016
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Jozlynn's are beautiful girls who blomd to their beauty. They are very humble. Their smile could silence a room. Their laugh could melt your heart. She is crazy and wierd but ahe embraces it. The red head Jozlynn's are the best! They are so smart and they dont know it. They love little kids. Family and friends are always the number one priority to them. Jozlynn's can be expected to go far in life! Jozlynn's dont care how many friends they have just how special they are to them! A Jozlynn can dry your tears in a matter of a second. They are their with a shoulder to cry on and they are their to listen to you until the end...and they even give great advice
Taylor: I'm glad that i have a Jozlynn as a best friend
Sarah: She is beautiful and doesn't know it yet!
by Loved_by_you April 23, 2017
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